EngenuitySC is seeking someone to join our team and help our mission to enhance the Midlands’ competitiveness and prosperity. We need unique, talented individuals ready to provide a fresh perspective and support to our small (but mighty!) project management team as well as our client needs.

What’s so great about working at ​EngenuitySC?

  • It’s a paid internship​! We consider this position to be extremely valuable to the team and growth of our company.
  • You will gain a broad understanding of and exposure to project and collaboration management, industry clusters, business consulting and so much more.
  • Opportunity to meet, connect and work with top-level regional and state leaders in business, government, academia, and community and economic development
  • Our unique work means our team members’ abilities are put to work daily. If you don’t know what your unique ability is, you will realize it in this environment.
  • Company culture. Our office promotes an atmosphere open to input and new ideas from any level. Everyone has a voice and an opportunity to contribute.

What are your core values?

  • We are comfortable in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment.
  • We are results driven.
  • We are selfless.
  • We are collaborative.
  • We are bold.
  • We believe in the potential of the region.

What would I do everyday?

The internship role is a crucial facet of the team, providing support to individuals at all levels within the organization. On a daily basis, this person will be contributing to any of the projects under the EngenuitySC umbrella as an extension of the project management team – assisting with logistical coordination, running errands and general support in addition to handling routine office administration.

What do I need to be successful in this role?

This is an internship – we don’t expect you to walk in the door knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. We do, however, expect the following from any member that joins our team:

  • You need to be a do-er. ​Plain and simple. We weren’t joking when we said we’re “small but mighty”. With a staff of seven servicing a full load of clients, we need people who are motivated to get things done, and with high standards.
  • Obsession with detail and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Communication skills are critical – ie, when you have completed a task, experience roadblocks or have time on your plate and are available to do more for the team, communicate that!
  • An understanding of general professional decorum and attire.
  • Basic knowledge relating to Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, etc.
  • You need to be proactive on all fronts – this is not the environment that caters well to individuals who are waiting for things to come to them.
  • The willingness to dive in and lend a hand in any way that could be helpful.
  • Applicant will need a laptop as well as reliable transportation.

How can I really stand out?

  • Have experience with any of the following: MailChimp, Trello, Eventbrite, InDesign, or any other tool that resembles one of these
  • Demonstrating a willingness to dive in and give 100% to ANY task – even if that’s restocking the fridge or tidying up the break area
  • Passion for economic and community development and awareness of activities in the local and regional economy
  • Being kind and thoughtful in your personal and professional endeavors
  • Availability to work after hours when needed

This sounds awesome. I’m ready to apply!

And we’re ready to hear from you! Please send the following to Selia Straus​ via email: sstraus@engenuitysc.com. Please list “EngenuitySC Internship” in the subject line and send all materials as a PDF.

  • Resume (required)
  • Two References – name, phone, email, relationship
    • Do not share names of family members
    • Ideal references: past manager, mentor, professor, teammate or friend
    • Please notify your reference that they are likely to receive a call!
  • Availability with classes and dates of conflict (if any)