On May 18, Richland One students participated in the second speedcubing competition, using mathematical thinking to solve the world-renowned Rubik’s cube. Produced by EngenuitySC, the event was held at W.G. Sanders Middle School.

The contest gave students a chance to showcase their problem-solving skills as they worked through algorithms to solve the cube as quickly as possible. In addition to W.G. Sanders Middle School, Crayton Middle School and St. Andrews Middle School participated in the competition.

This event was made possible in part by Rubik’s “You CAN Do The Rubik’s® Cube” outreach program. The mission of the program is to provide resources to schools so that they may promote STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) standards and 21st century skills via the Rubik’s Cube in both classroom and after-school settings.

Officially sanctioned by Rubik’s, the event included both team solving and individual solving events. Both the team and individual solving times were faster than those recorded at the first competition, which was held in January – a testament to the dedication of students and support of their teachers and families.

Top 3 cubers from the competition, from left to right: 3rd place, David Monteilh (Crayton Middle School); 1st place, Franklin Caulder (W.G. Sanders Middle School); 2nd place, Liam Case (Crayton Middle School).


Middle School Division
recorded time for an individual to solve a single cube

  1. Franklin Caulder (W.G. Sanders): 38.74 seconds
  2. Liam Case (Crayton): 40.14 seconds
  3. David Monteilh (Crayton): 40.18 seconds


Middle School Group Solve
recorded time for a team of 8 students to solve 25 cubes

  1. W.G. Sanders (Kool Kubers): 4:03.359
  2. Crayton (Crayton Cubers): 4:29.161
  3. W.G. Sanders (Little Cube Dudes): 6:03.241