On Dec. 7th, the EngenuitySC team facilitated the first Richland One Speedcubing Competition of the school year at Crayton Middle School. This competition gathered students and teachers from five Richland One middle and high schools to compete for the fastest time to solve a Rubik’s cube. This is the second year of this program, which teaches algebraic problem solving strategies while students solve one of the most popular puzzles of all time.

Cubers from Crayton Middle School received the fastest time during the group solving event and broke the district record in the process. (Crush Rush Photography)

This was the largest Rubik’s cubing event in the history of the program, with five teams and over 25 individual cubers participating. The records for fastest group solve and solo solve in Richland One were both broken during this competition, and we are excited to see how these students will continue to refine their skills for upcoming competitions.

This event was made possible in part by the Rubik’s “You CAN Do The Rubik’s® Cube” outreach program. The mission of the program is to provide resources to schools so that they may promote STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) standards and 21st century skills via the Rubik’s Cube in both classroom and after-school settings.

Below are the fastest scores from the December competition:

High School Solo

  • #1: Donovan Wright (Eau Claire High School): 46:53:00 Seconds
  • #2: Crystal Camargo (Eau Claire High School): 54:64:00 Seconds

Middle School Solo 

  • #1: Lucas Biel (W.G. Sanders Middle School): 30:14:00 Seconds
  • #2: Gianna Frey (Hand Middle School): 33:65:04 Seconds
  • #3: Nico Cabrera (Crayton Middle School): 35:09:00 Seconds

Middle School Group

  • #1: Crayton Cubers (Crayton Middle School): 4:01:93 Seconds
  • #2: Kool Kubers (W.G. Sanders Middle School): 4:30:06 Seconds
  • #3: Hand Hornets (Hand Middle School): 4:34:75 Seconds

Are you interested in speedcubing, but not currently in a Richland One school? Our team will work with Richland One to host the Midlands Regional Speedcubing Competition on May 16th, 2020 so that students and schools from all around the state can join in on the fun. Email Jai Carter to learn about how your student or school can get involved.