FY21 Annual Report

Take a deeper look into each of EngenuitySC's projects and initiatives in our FY21 annual report.

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Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report

The Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report is an annual publication that scores the Columbia MSA and peer regions on five indicators of competitive communities: innovation, talent, entrepreneurial and business environment, livability and industry clusters. First published in 2014, the Competitiveness Report is an important benchmarking tool inspiring regional leaders to track progress and inform collaborative action.

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Competitiveness Week

EngenuitySC’s Midlands Regional Competitiveness Week is an annual celebration of the elements that make our region economically competitive. Anchored by the launch of the latest Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report, the week showcases the people, areas, industries and companies that are making the Midlands more competitive and prosperous.

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Midlands Mayors Forum

The Midlands Mayors Forum is a collaborative of all the mayors in Richland and Lexington Counties, as well as mayors from Sumter and Camden, S.C. Started six years ago by the Mayor of the City of Columbia, the Forum focuses on camaraderie and on collaborative actions that enhance each of our cities and lead to a stronger, more competitive and prosperous Midlands.

Midlands Business Leadership Group

The Midlands Business Leadership Group (MBLG) has stepped up to lead a collaborative effort focused on enhancing regional competitiveness, prosperity and growth in the Midlands. Using the Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report as one of multiple tools to chart a path and measure success, MBLG, with support from EngenuitySC, is bringing partners together to identify the regional challenges, prioritize the biggest opportunities, define the gaps, and catalyze action.


TEDxUofSC highlights our region's biggest and most challenging ideas - shared by those who are bringing them to life. Their "talks", combined with video of TED Talks from the past ten years, spark conversation and connections that spur the Midlands forward. TEDxUofSC is an annual event hosted by The University of South Carolina.

Champion Columbia: An MBLG Initiative

The Midlands Business Leadership Group partnered with 18 local marketing professionals to craft new language that anyone can use to describe why the Columbia region is such a cool place to live, learn, work and play.

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Innovate Columbia: An MBLG Initiative

Innovate Columbia is a digital hub for entrepreneurial resources in the Columbia, SC region, created as an initiative of the Midlands Business Leadership Group.

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