Dear Friends and Partners,

“Progress through partnership” – it’s our new tagline at EngenuitySC, but it has long been our guiding principle. We believe that the only way to achieve meaningful and lasting progress is through collaboration. We know that when it comes to building a community where we all want to live, learn, work and play, we are all in it together.

EngenuitySC’s 2019-2020 Annual Report reflects a busy, successful first three quarters. We delivered projects of regional pride, connected students with mentors and new learning opportunities, and executed our largest Competitiveness Week to date.

Then, in mid-March, we packed up our desks and began working from home.

We experienced the disappointment of changed plans and postponed projects. We missed sharing handshakes with our partners and high fives with our students as they experienced triumph. We did what was best for the physical health of our community.

We look forward to the day when the greatest threats of COVID-19 are behind us, and we recognize that it has already forever changed our landscape. We will soon enter a time of rebuilding our community, and the speed and impact of our efforts will depend on partnership and collaboration. And that’s what we believe in.


Onward, together,

Meghan Hickman
EngenuitySC Executive Director