Arts Driving Growth in Cayce and West Columbia

The neighboring riverfront cities of Cayce and West Columbia have invested in public art and public space to add life to historic downtown areas along State Street.


Over the past two years, the City of Cayce has invested in public art as part of the “pre-vitalization” of its historic downtown along State Street.


Visitors are greeted by a wide variety of colors and textures enlivening refreshed brick buildings.


New and old businesses alike have brightened up with large-scale splashes of color.


The pre-vitalization efforts have attracted new businesses to the area, including the State of the ART gallery, and next door, popular gathering spot and black-owned business Piecewise Coffee.


Brilliant colors and community landmarks highlight the livability of these growing hotspots for young professionals and longtime residents alike.


Though popular events like Soiree on State have been curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, a stage and sculptures provide a centerpiece for community gatherings.


Once Cayce’s historic municipal building, dating to 1938, this brick landmark is now home to a bike shop – catering to a popular transportation mode for Cayce and West Columbia’s tree-lined avenues.


Heading north on State Street, a new wayfinding signage design is shared by both Cayce and West Columbia, pointing to landmarks like greenways and parks.


In West Columbia, new public art – like this freshly-painted alley – has been the centerpiece of new investment in its historic downtown. Long-standing favorites like restaurant Terra and music venue New Brookland Tavern have been joined by residential construction and new businesses.


A new parking lot, ringed with public artwork, borders Savage Craft Ale Works, a modern brewery in a preserved former city jail and town hall.


Near the north end of State Street in West Columbia, the new Brookland apartments offer downtown skyline views and an expanded customer base for neighboring shops and restaurants.