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EngenuitySC, one of the early leaders in regional cooperation and competitiveness, is undergoing staff changes.

During this time of change, EngenuitySC has stayed laser focused on supporting projects being led by the Midlands Business Leadership Group (MBLG) such as the Governmental Cooperation effort to beautify gateways around the region and multiple initiatives launched through MBLG’s Coordinating Council. While the faces of powerful project management will be different and move directly under MBLG, the same commitment to increasing the livability and economic viability of the region remains.

EngenuitySC will continue to deliver the critical Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report, which leaders in this community have come to rely upon for benchmarking and informed decision-making.

The Board is taking this opportunity to ensure that collaboration between EngenuitySC and MBLG creates the alignment needed to support the greatness of our region. As a board governed by the highest-ranking regional leaders in education, government and business, we are committed to advancing progress through partnerships.



Mayor Elise Partin
Chair, EngenuitySC


Ted Nissen

Chair-Elect, EngenuitySC


Mayor Steve Benjamin, Founding Co-Chair: “EngenuitySC has been through multiple transitions over its 18 years, and we have always stayed focused on what’s best for the region. We plan to carry that focus through this transition, too. We know the best years for the region are ahead of us.”

Interim President Harris Pastides, Founding Co-Chair: “As a former co-chair and Vision Award winner, please know that my support is stalwart and I look forward to the future.”

Mayor Elise Partin, Chair: “The projects undertaken through EngenuitySC in conjunction with MBLG and other regional partners have allowed our strengths to shine and have created synergy for more goodness in our region. Having this unique board focused on ensuring the best for our region is impactful.”

Ted Nissen, Chair-Elect: “EngenuitySC is going to continue building stronger collaboration between private and public sector partners. Adaptation to change is one of the things we’ve done best, and we’re committed to optimizing our role to better serve the Midlands.”

Lee Bussell, Immediate Past Chair: “The Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report has been one of the most important EngenuitySC deliverables for seven years, and we are committed to delivering the eighth edition of this critical tool for our partners around the region.”

Paul Livingston, Secretary/Treasurer: “The public sector has always played a significant role at EngenuitySC. It is a trusted place where elected officials can gather with leaders from the private sector, economic development and education. I am grateful that this dedication to public/private partnership will continue.”