Will Schenk

Project Manager


Will Schenk serves as a Project Manager for EngenuitySC. A graduate of Clemson University with degrees in both Economics and Environmental & Natural Resources, his broad background of knowledge gives him a unique perspective on a variety of projects. His natural curiosity and expertise in producing relevant, concise research and strategy enable him to constantly seek and create new solutions for clients. Will’s passion for placemaking and competitive spirit make him a natural fit for regionally-focused initiatives.

Will’s unique ability is benchmarking the best to create a clear vision, developing decisive, forward-thinking strategies through his own dot-connecting lens, and competing tenaciously to set new standards for people and places around him.

A native of New Windsor, Maryland, Will spends his free days fishing the Congaree, backpacking the Blue Ridge and finding the best new restaurants and breweries in Columbia. He also serves as a mentor for innovative Richland Two teachers and faculty as they develop new projects through the R2 Innovates program.