Ryan Bermudez

Project Manager


Ryan Bermudez is a 2017 graduate from the University of South Carolina where he received a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. During his time at USC, Ryan was a member of the track and field team as a walk-on but would eventually be named a captain in his senior year. Ryan would go on to be named a Second Team All-American, SEC All-American, and an Academic All-American along with numerous honor roll awards during his time with USC. Off the track, Ryan volunteered at local middle schools and at the Ronald McDonald House and Ryan enjoys mentoring young athletes on how to handle being a collegiate student-athlete. Ryan enjoys researching new things and believes that any problem can be solved if we know where to look.


Miami, FL. (Yes, I lived 5 minutes from the beach and yes, Pit Bull is our mayor for life.)

What do you do really well?
I run pretty well, I’m pretty good at video games, and I’m very good at eating all my food before most people have taken 4 bites of theirs.

What are some things you care about deeply?
My dog and my family.

What upsets you?
If you eat with your mouth open, we can’t be friends.

What grounds you?
Some of what grounds me is the environment I was raised in that served as a constant reminder to always maintain a humble, yet firm, attitude. But mostly, gravity.

What word describes you best as a person?