Meghan Hickman

Executive Director

Meghan Hickman is a partner and the Chief Operating Officer for Sagacious Partners. Thanks to experience leading large nonprofits, industry groups and regional collaborations, Meghan’s expertise is rooted in strategic thinking and planning, facilitation, and project management. After joining the company in 2012, she rose quickly through the company ranks and now oversees the community growth practice at Sagacious Partners.

Prior to joining the SP team, Meghan spent nearly six years working for a United States Senator. During that time she served two years as a press secretary on Capitol Hill. Following that, she entered the private sector with Stratacomm, a Fleishman-Hillard Company, and managed full-service, national public relations campaigns.

Meghan’s unique ability is conducting others with a resilient inner and physical strength – earning their trust and crafting strategies that create clarity from chaos. Sagacious Partners and the clients she works with get the benefit of her ability to integrate both vision and action into excellence.

Meghan, a self-proclaimed news junkie, is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of South Carolina Honors College (a proud Gamecock!), and she enjoys visiting her 12 nieces and nephews every chance she gets.


Anderson, S.C. (the “Electric City”)

What do you do really well?
Sarcasm. High fives. Facilitating damn good meetings. Being an aunt. Lifting heavy things. Bagging groceries AND carrying them all into the house in one trip.

What are some things you care about deeply?
My “people”. My community. My faith. Red wine. Assessments! Making the bed EVERY MORNING.

What upsets you?
When haste makes waste. Mismanaged expectations. Running.

What grounds you?
Laughter. Awkward moments. Exercise. A dude named Wes.

What word describes you best as a person?
Maximizer – I love inspiring willing partners to maximize themselves and the world around them.