What does EngenuitySC do?

  • EngenuitySC’s project management team creates capacity for its partners and clients. Using a unique process, it helps to connect projects and clients with resources needed to make our region more appealing to businesses and top talent.

Why is it important? 

  • EngenuitySC was founded because the Columbia, S.C., region needed a neutral third party to take on innovative projects and bring them to fruition. Read more about our history here
  • EngenuitySC is trusted by the highest levels of regional leadership to be apolitical in regional collaborations, building consensus and driving action.


How does EngenuitySC do it? 

  • EngenuitySC provides project management services that otherwise aren’t available to many organizations, such as nonprofit boards. Volunteer leaders rarely have time to manage budgets, manage to do’s, and keep projects on track. The EngenuitySC team is uniquely positioned to solve this problem for our partners.
  • The EngenuitySC team is energetic, providing finance and marketing support, project management expertise, and far-reaching connections in the community, with the ability to navigate red tape and limitations easily.
  • EngenuitySC’s project managers are servant leaders who persist in addressing shared challenges, utilizing a clear process, priorities and focus.


What does EngenuitySC do to help prepare our region’s workforce?

  • EngenuitySC connects schools and local resources across the public and private sectors to elevate programming and reinforce pathways to careers for K-12 students, strengthening our region’s talent pipeline.
  • Here’s an example of how we did that with partners in Richland School District One. 


What does EngenuitySC do to help make Columbia attractive to businesses and individuals who may be looking for a place to land? 

  • EngenuitySC is actively engaged in the project management and promotion of initiatives that make the region more appealing. One example is the successful project at Riverfront Park where we provided Adirondack chairs, hammocks  and programming to encourage enjoyment of that recreational asset. As a result, thousands of new visitors have enjoyed the park. 
  • Regional leaders have faith that EngenuitySC is one of the key entities working behind the scenes to get stuff done that will elevate our region’s standing as a competitor among other city-regions in the Southeast.
  • EngenuitySC is committed to enhancing our region’s ability to compete — and win.


How do I know that contributions made to EngenuitySC are supporting worthwhile initiatives? 

  • EngenuitySC’s board is comprised of the highest level of leadership in the region, and the projects that these regional leaders decide to undertake — using EngenuitySC as a neutral, third party collaboration manager — are vetted heavily for viability before approval.
  • These projects are assessed against a set of criteria to ensure they can move the needle for our regional economy, from increasing quality of life to strengthening the region’s talent pipeline. EngenuitySC is uniquely staffed and structured to manage collaborations and projects that otherwise may not have a natural home or owner.
  • With the guidance of the highest levels of leadership in the region, EngenuitySC drives success for complex, multi-layered initiatives that have been vetted carefully for viability and have a broad base of support, enabling the organization and its partners to have impact in 24 months or less.


How is EngenuitySC different from other nonprofit and economic development organizations? 

  • EngenuitySC understands the whole landscape, particularly as regards economic development, from existing roles to upcoming needs. EngenuitySC encourages consolidation of efforts and can be a neutral party in supporting consolidation efforts.
  • Results through collaboration. Until any sort of consolidation of economic development activities can become a reality, we will stay focused on maximizing collaboration. Each entity engaged in economic development activities can bring their strengths to the table, and EngenuitySC can help manage collaborations and ensure that there is as little duplication of efforts as possible at a project level.


What is EngenuitySC doing to ensure Columbia is adequately competing with its peers? 

  • EngenuitySC encourages action and helps leaders do more. With initiatives like EngenuitySC’s Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report, the organization clarifies goals and measurable objectives, making it clear where action is needed.
  • EngenuitySC promotes collaboration between sectors and brings regional leaders together to execute the most impactful ideas that have been brought to the table.
  • EngenuitySC is well-equipped with the processes and capacity to tackle  big issues.
  • EngenuitySC works to enact programming that enhances quality of life, a key factor in economic growth.
  • EngenuitySC actively supports K-12 talent pipeline development through its project work with school districts.