Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., EngenuitySC is a nonprofit focused on long-term competitiveness and prosperity in the Midlands. EngenuitySC specializes in managing collaborations between business, government, education and community leaders.



Who is EngenuitySC?

EngenuitySC is a nonprofit that helps local leaders build a more prosperous region.


Why does EngenuitySC exist?

We have unique expertise and staff capacity to provide collaboration and project management services for an array of initiatives that make our region more competitive, including education programs and industry clusters.


What does EngenuitySC do?

Simply put, we are dot connectors. We use a results-driven process to connect stakeholders, create a vision, establish a plan and deliver.


What distinguishes EngenuitySC?

  • We manage complex projects using an entrepreneurial approach that produces BOLD results.
  • We are well-connected collaboration managers working behind the scenes to build an attractive live, learn, work, play environment.
  • We are innovative thinkers focused on long-term prosperity and inspiring regional pride.


Our Core Values

  • Comfortable in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
  • Results driven
  • Selfless
  • Collaborative
  • Bold
  • Believe in the potential of the region


Core Focus

Purpose: Enhance our region’s competitiveness and prosperity

Our Niche: Managing projects and collaborations


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