Governed by a broad base of regional leaders, EngenuitySC is a nonprofit that transforms ideas into action.


Who is EngenuitySC?

Governed by the high-ranking regional leaders in education, government and business, EngenuitySC is a nonprofit that works to make the Columbia, S.C., region a standout choice for top talent and competitive companies. Structured as a neutral and independent project management team, EngenuitySC is known for achieving progress through partnerships using a unique, highly effective process. Whether it is equipping K-12 students with career-ready skills, elevating quality of life with the Midlands Business Leadership Group, or producing Competitiveness Series and the annual Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report, EngenuitySC is a trusted force, working behind the scenes to build a community cultivated for living, working, playing and learning.


What does EngenuitySC do?

EngenuitySC brings together regional leaders to address economic development challenges. With initiatives like the Midlands Regional Competitiveness Report, the organization clarifies goals and measurable objectives, making it clear where action steps are necessary to move the needle. EngenuitySC also manages projects that advance the region’s overall competitiveness. 


How does EngenuitySC work?

EngenuitySC is guided by a diverse board of leaders from regional government, business and education, and promotes collaboration between sectors to execute the most impactful ideas that have been brought to the table. 

EngenuitySC also provides a project management resource that otherwise isn’t available to many organizations, such as nonprofit boards. The EngenuitySC team is energetic, providing finance and marketing support, project management expertise, and far-reaching connections in the community, with the ability to navigate red tape and limitations easily. EngenuitySC’s project managers are servant leaders who persist in addressing shared challenges, utilizing a clear process, priorities and focus.


Our Core Values

  • Comfortable in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
  • Results driven
  • Servant leaders
  • Collaborative
  • Committed to the potential of the region


Core Focus

Purpose: Enhance our region’s competitiveness and prosperity

Our Niche: Managing projects and collaborations


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