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Tue, 2014/06/10 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Speakeasy in Five Points

We are committed to promoting public engagement with science, to learning and understanding our world around us, and to making science accountable to solving the world's needs for energy, the environment, public health, technology, engineering, and more. We want you to join our family of engaged, active, and intellectually thirsty members. 

The Café meets the second Tuesday of every month to discuss the latest ideas in science and technology in a free-form, non-traditional academic context.  The program is a forum for the exchange of knowledge, heavy Q&A, and debate in a safe, fun environment.  It is our hope that the Cafe will enlighten and inspire people to take an interest in the sciences.

For more information, check out Science Cafe, more information on Dr. Hughes-Halbert, or register below!


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